Tabtime Medelert


Reliable - Flexible - Economical


Specially designed to assist Alzheimer's & dementia patients, the elderly & the visually or mentally impaired


Medelert Medelert



All the Features & Benefits of Similar Products at Half The Price


  • Fully automatic- lockable- timed release of medication - dispenses at the exact time the dose is required
  • Up to 6 daily audio & visual alarms (flashing LED on the lid)
  • Automatic DST time change for Summer & Winter times or when travelling
  • Easy to use & remembers your settings every day - long duration buzzer (30 min's) sounds continuously until pills are dispensed - alarm is cancelled by tipping the product to dispense the pills
  • 28 tablet compartments each can hold up to 18 aspirin size pills or 5 X Calcichew- 20% larger than similar dispensers
  • Solid non see through or Clear see through lid with secure metal lock - Spare medication tray & keys available
  • 3 alarm tones with excellent level of volume - Battery operated - batteries included - low battery alert
  • 12 month warranty - size 7.5 inches diameter- packed weight 0.6 kg
  • Quality Marks - Ce - Rohs & Wheelie Bin


PRICE £59.99




Medelert - Automatic Pill Dispenser

 I already own the Medelert - I only wish to purchase the Spare Tray/Keys product.
  £59.99 + P&P
Prices include vat.