Hi there just a short email to let you know how pleased we are with the Medelert, Auto Pill Dispenser purchased approx 3 weeks ago .

Please believe me your product has improved the quality of life for my father who suffers from dementia , his family all  had shifts to  administrate his pills and found this very tiring however vital , we now have this phenomenal gaget that is so easy to set and operate  , this has now allowed us to send more quality time with my father and i might add he understand exactly what to do when the alarm goes as it has been made so easy for him. We can take it out with us if need be, it is light and would fit into a handbag easily .We plan to take it on holiday in Oct as there will be no fussing about with pills . Wish i found this item years ago . Thanks so much

I would like to add that i put my telephone no. on the front of the dispenser and dad calls when he has taken his medication . E McBain UK



I purchased this for my mom who has short term memory loss and often could not remember if she took her pills. she lives alone and it was very worrisome for me. this pill dispenser is very sophisticated with lots of options. after i set it up it totally resolved our problem! there is no way she can take pills twice which is the most dangerous situation plus i can tell if she skips a dose (she hasn’t). any alarms set up shut off as soon as you tip the pills out. anyway, we love it and it is well worth the cost in peace of mind. - Linda M USA



'The Tabtime Super 8 has completely changed my life, not only do I feel better because I am taking my tablets on time, but I feel less stressed because the tabtime does my thinking for me. I have to take tablets during the night as well, and I can now sleep easier knowing the alarm will wake me up. No more clock watching for me'...

Marlene Yardley, Trafford Branch, Parkinson's UK



'Great invention! I tried a number of other pill timers and boxes before finding Tabtime and there is no comparison at all. You have a great product that really holds up over time and is a terrific size, not to big or small. It beats everything else out there in the market! Thank You for inventing it!'... Somerset, New Jersey USA



'Your product Tabtime 5 is excellent'....Raican Dan, Parkinsons Association Romania.



'I find the Tabtime 5 excellent'....Parkinsons Tasmania



'Our Nurse Specialist thinks Tabtime 5 is magic, just what we have been looking for for months if not years! '...Parkinson's Western Australia Inc



I think this would be a wonderful way to manage meds...Parkinson's Association South Africa



'Tabtime 5 is the best, neat, five compartments and the timer is an excellent idea'....
Parkinsons Association of Ireland



Tabtime 5 is very well designed and engineered.It is sturdy and very convenient to use ,even by a person with shaking hands....Parkinson's Society of India



'The best pillbox we have ever had'....Parkinson's Switzerland



'The best electronic pillbox on the market. It could save your life!'..Ralph Kent, .UK'



'Exactly what I have been looking for.' Ingrid L, Norway.



'A wonderful gadget and an excellent product' Peter R, Blackpool UK.



'A fabulous idea and a half.' Germaine G South Africa MOH.



'This product is so useful for my needs.' Orly N, Israel.



'A great piece of equipment.' Erhard P Association for Physically Disabled.



'This product is exactly what I have been looking for.' Louisa Flynn Cornwall UK.



'One of my patients bought a Tabtime and she is extremely happy with it and the service she got.' Lorraine M Parkinson's Nurse Specialist, Auckland, New Zealand.



'Tabtime may be as shade more expensive than some cheaper 'egg' timer type reminders, but it has the superior features we were looking for!' Anon.. New Zealand



'Congratulations on a great invention. My husband has Parkinson's disease and his health has improved markedly since the Tabtime arrived.'... J.T New Zealand





Many thanks for your wonderful Tab-Time. Purchased this for my Brother-in Law who has Parkinson's, he is so pleased with it as it holds the many different drugs he has to take and never has to miss one again. He would recommend this to all fellow Parkinson's and all who needs any kind of regular medication. Best Wishes David Priest West Midlands